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We are also creating original content for the next ...
Branched is also committed to creating original content and we are currently structuring sponsorship opportunities, collaborations and pilot programs.

We create content that connects.

Branched creates custom and affordable video content for individuals and brands.

  • We help our clients understand and define a roadmap for using video content to help them reach their personal and business goals.

  • We script, produce and share high-quality videos and we take care of the hosting, media storage, updates and analytics for a truly elegant solution.

  • From our video business cards, to your own personal short biography – Bioshort™, to heartfelt social awareness videos, each of our products combine our proprietary content and production recipes to generate unique high-quality content, quickly and affordably. This equates to a semi-custom approach to creating original content year-round that fits the modern world.

  • Wide array of live streaming solutions for studio and on-location events and shows.

  • All of Branched videos are delivered via a landing page, video link or embed code and include one year of hosting. Additional hosting after the first year is included in our subscription service which includes the ability to link video playlists, free content updates, reporting and hosting.

Full service growth!

As our clients grow, our video content solutions can be tailored and adapted to support different business specialties like marketing, sales, recruitment, operations, retention, training, fundraising, program sponsorships and more.

From production, to distribution, to content hosting we offer complete video creation and management solutions. All Branched videos are delivered via a landing page, video link or embed coded and include one year of hosting. 

Additional hosting after the first year is included in our content management subscription service which includes the linked video playlists, viewer funneling, video updates, reporting and hosting.

We create beautiful stories and video experiences​

As passionate storytellers, we convey your message through visual elements while inspiring the audience with creativity. For every story – we have the tools to bring it to life, and we make the process simple and affordable. We inspire our clients to tell their story and through expert guidance, creative ideas and full production services, we bring those ideas to life.

  • Branched Video Business Card™
  • Biographical Short Films- Bioshorts™
  • Brand Story Videos
  • Podcasts and Live Streaming
  • Event and Fundraising Videos
  • Brand Documentaries
  • Anniversary Videos
  • ‘About Us’ Video
  • C-Suite Bio Videos
  • Product / Service How-To Videos
  • FAQ Video Series


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01 Connected

Branched videos are linked together for continuous playback of your brand’s playlist.

02 Branched

We create custom content branches to suit your needs.

03 Effective

Leverage your organization’s connections to drive traffic to your own Branched content.

04  Flexible

From one video to yearly content engagements Branched is the right solution to anyone looking to sustain a content creation strategy.

05 Simple

Strategy, production, video hosting, file storage, updates, reporting all in one place.

06  Affordable

After years of experience we have developed content recipes to accommodate many budgets and support growth.


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